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Shenzhen City Hongxing Yu Technology Co. Ltd. is located in the two district of Shenzhen City manhole East Ring Road of Whampoa  blue sky Technology Park building two floor, is the product of the development of large-scale, model making company. Mainly industrial product model Shouban production based high-tech enterprises, the industry product design subsidiary. The company has a group of high-quality research and development, production and support the professional technical team, provide powerful technical support for the company's long-term development. Comprehensive service, fast and accurate.
Company's existing CNC computer processing center 71, rapid prototyping machine 5, SAL, SLS8, vacuum casting machine 2, 3 lathes, 3 milling machines and other equipment, improve equipment provides a basic guarantee for the rapid and accurate completion of the order. We designed and produced a variety of models of palm each kind of vacuum cleaner, telephone, computer chassis, keyboard, mouse, U disk, LCD TV, MP3, MP4, digital camera, humidifier, fan, massager, electric cooker, audio, DVD panel, fruit juice machine, air conditioner panel, recorder, and various medical equipment, sports equipment, automotive spare parts and so on.
In the future of new product development on the road, the product quality is the vitality of the enterprise! I am the Secretary of the "urgent customer's urgency, want customers to think."!
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